Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marian Smolinski funeral 1935 with gravemarker

The 1935 funeral of Marian Smolinski lying in state. Buried in parish cemetery Sw. Jakuba Apostola w Chelmicy Duzej. Listed on the parish website there is a conflict of the death date. We believe it was 1935 not 1939. Can anyone confirm the true date? Contact the family at:
cab8888 @ aol.com

Marian Smolinski Funeral 1935 Chelmica, Poland

Marian Smolinski, deceased; from left to right - Wladyslaw Niedzialek, Zenon Smolinski(Uncle/Paternal) from Zdroje; Josef and wife; Boleslaw, his wife, daughter and son; Kazmierz, his wife, son and daughter; Wife of deceased - Eleonory (z domo Sawicka) Smolinski and Stefan's granddaughter are standing behind dad's head; Uncle (paternal) from Zdroje (holding the cross)
Contact the family at: cab8888 @ aol.com