Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thom Bartold's g-grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary

I have a photo from my g-grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary.

It's really cool (I won't say unique) because the center of the photo was made in Poland (in about 1934) which included my g-grandparents andtheir 4 children still living in Poland. The photo was augmented (inDetroit) to include their other 4 children (and their families).

The photo was then sent back to Poland as a wedding anniversary gift to the g-grandparents. The two families to the left and the two families to the right lived in America. Some of the American children never even met the couple in the center, my g-grandparents.

I know my dad,who is in one of the families to the left of center in the photo,never met my g-grandparents. I'm posting this photo on your website, on the off chance that someone in it, or someone desended from the people in it would contact me with information about the people in the photo.

I know nothing about the majority of the people in the photo.

Thank you, sincerely,